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Updated: Dec 15, 2018

My Fantastic Israeli Moments.

Sunrise Over The Sea Of Galilee

When on the hunt for the right coloring book for your own enjoyment, you'll probably find lots of options focusing on mandalas or everyday scenes or even animals or people.

However, there is an option that is going to be perfect for when you are looking to bring it a little closer to the things that matter the most to you.

This is specifically with Fantastic Israel and its picturesque scenery drawings are just waiting for someone to come in and make them bright and colorful for the world to enjoy.

Give yourself these beautiful pieces of scenery to help you find the right motivation to engage in coloring for mindfulness. In this book, you'll find all sorts that all feature the amazing places waiting in the Land of Israel. Each page hosts a unique sketch with intricate detailing just waiting to be colored however you see fit.

You'll be able to enjoy touches of Tel Aviv, Old Jaffa port, Galilee, Safed and more. You can pick a sight you know well, or enjoy something that is totally unique and waiting for your personal touch.

Make your coloring experience all the more profitable and engaging by taking a look at the free app the is offered via GreatBox. You'll be able to use this to bring the illustrations from Fantastic Israel right into your phone or other mobile device.

Perfect for those who want to enjoy the art and peace of coloring with modern technology making it even better, this will give you the right kind of blend that you never knew you needed.

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