Dreams don't work unless you do !

Five years ago, my husband and I were invited by Alex, my husband's family member, to a dinner in Paris. After dinner, his daughter Juliet, then five years old, started to paint in a coloring book of Paris with illustration of St. Martin Canal, located about fifteen minutes' walk from Alex's house.

- "Why Paris and why not princesses or unicorns coloring books? "- I asked Alex. He replied that it was important to him that his daughter would recognize and love her hometown, that's why she has coloring books about Paris and France.

His answer made me think about my kids and I decided to buy Israeli coloring books for them. Surprisingly, there were no coloring books about Israel at all.

Since then my dream was to create a coloring book of landscapes of Israel to introduce to my kids all the beautiful places in our country.

"Catch your dream before they slip away..."

So, I went to catch my dream and after more than one year of hard work I am proud to am proud to present my coloring book of Israel, Fantastic Israel.

​​I hope you enjoy this magical coloring book and have fun coloring with your kids making your version of Israel and it's thousands of years of history, modern cities and holy places.

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Tali Taisiya Melter - Fantastic Israel

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