Relax, Enjoy and Add Some Color To Your Life.

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Coloring as an anti-stress teatment, acording to the American Art Therapy Association.

Try it and after a couple of hours, you will feel more relaxed than you had in a long time and more creative, too.

Experts say that adult coloring has brain-quieting, stress-reducing effect on always -on professionals.

With coloring a preferred activity by adults and kids alike, you can spend quality time with your children by coloring on a regular basis.

There is an coloring book that is going to be perfect for you !

Fantastic Israel, a coloring book which includes the amazing places in the Land of Israel.

Relax, enjoy and let the spirit of Israel be your guide.

You are invited to enrich your journey through Fantastic Israel even further

by using GreatBoox, a simple free app.

You can find it at App Store & Google Play.

To get started:

- Download the app.

- Find Fantastic Israel.

- Enjoy beautiful pictures, authentic music, maps and more.

Spend Some Quality Time With Your Children


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